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Make sure no one goes hungry this year

For those of us who are lucky enough to have secure housing and access to the care we need, many of our local Newcastle residents struggle through life battling hunger, discomfort, illness and loneliness.

On any one night in Australia, over 116, 000 of our citizens are experiencing homelessness and displacement. For the majority, this is no fault of their own. The circumstances that lead to homelessness can happen to anyone, and those of us who live in comfort, safety and security today could find ourselves on the other side through any twist of fate.

Homelessness looks different – some may be sleeping in the street, others in cars, couch-surfing or hopping between motels and caravan parks. Many of our local Newcastle people who live with disadvantage do so unseen.

You can make a huge difference in the lives of those struggling in your local community by providing them with some basic comforts and the opportunity to move towards a better situation. Please help us make this year a safe one, filled with love, food and support – what every human needs to flourish. You can donate supplies or funds to help us meet our goals of keeping our Newy residents connected and safe in their community.