About Reach Homeless Services

Reach Newcastle Limited has been operating for over 7 years as Reach Homeless Services. Every Friday evening the volunteers set up in Hamilton NSW and provide a safe and Covid-19 compliant space in a prominent location. The Reach team makes contact with a wide range of people in the community. These people could be affected by homelessness, drugs and alcohol, mental health issues, or just lonely. 

Mission Statement

Reach Homeless Services is dedicated to the needs of those in the community who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. The Reach team will provide a regular, reliable and safe space where we will meet the immediate and short term needs of those we support.

Vision Statement

Reach Newcastle Limited (Reach Homeless Services) is working alongside other providers with whom we have a vision for our community where homelessness is at a minimum level, where those who are experiencing homelessness can quickly and with dignity be directed to the appropriate service to provide timely relief, and that the stigma surrounding ‘homelessness’ is reduced in the community.

Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle
Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle

The Reach Newcastle Board

The board comprises a dedicated community minded team who work tirelessly to ensure we can assist those in need, they are:

Jodi Hughes - About Reach Homeless Services Newcastle

Jodi Hughes


Jodi has a wealth of experience working as a senior change management consultant. Jodi excels at project management and engaging local communities and workforces in new projects, government initiatives, businesses and community programs. Jodi has a background in cultural anthropology, organizational communication, workforce engagement, and project management and she has more than fifteen years’ experience with government, industry, community and workforce projects.

Mick Egan


Michael Egan, husband, father, soccer enthusiast, volunteer, businessman and mentor. Just some of the hats that Mick wears. Contribution is part of his DNA, so if it wasn’t coaching or volunteering at the soccer club, you would find him on the phones at Lifeline or assisting wherever he was needed.

With the move to Newcastle from Tasmania a few years ago for business, Mick was looking for his next opportunity to give back, and after hearing about Reach he put his hand up, firstly as a volunteer. This soon turned into a leadership role in the running of the Friday night outreach, and then on to Board Member. His can-do attitude and work ethic are things  Mick is very proud of and considers those values to be an asset to the board and to any organization which he is involved in.

Mick egan - About Reach Homeless Services Newcastle
Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle

Michelle Barker


Born and bred in Newcastle, Michelle has been at the helm of Jayes Travel for the last 15 years. With a passion for all things travel, it’s no surprise that exposure to so many different cultures and global living standards sparked a need to contribute to making the world a better place.

She was looking for a way to give back to her local community when she was introduced to Reach, and found an avenue to connecting with her local community and making a positive impact on the lives of those whom we share our space with here in Newcastle.

It must run in the family, with Michelle’s sister running an outreach program in the USA also helping the homeless – altruism is catching, and Michelle is deeply committed to spreading love, food and security with the Newy locals that need it.

Alex Rees


Alex Rees joined the REACH board in March 2018. Alex grew up and studied in Newcastle. He enjoys being an active member of the Newcastle community through REACH, his part time lecturer roles at TAFE and the University of Newcastle and Director role at a local environmental and engineering professional services firm.

Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle
Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle

Gary Parsisson


Gary joined Reach Newcastle Ltd following the board’s decision to recruit an experienced fundraiser and strategic decision maker. Gary has over 30years experience in banking and consulting and more recently has worked in the not-for-profit sector with the Salvation Army in Sydney prior to his move to Newcastle.

Gary is passionate about assisting those who are marginalized in the community and apart from his work on the board, Gary also volunteers with Reach Homeless Services on the occasional Friday nights.

Chris Johnston



Chris Johnston runs two local community driven cafes in Islington and Newcastle. Chris has been working in the hospitality industry for 26 years now and its fair to say that he loves his job. 

Chris has long believed that coffee is the great equalizer; She does not turn away the lowly or turn up her nose at the lofty….. all are welcome in the warm embrace of her heady brew. Chris believes his cafes are the greatest tool he has in his tool chest to facilitate a space where all are welcome; where the surgeons sit next to the homeless and everyone in between… and all are treated equally, with dignity and respect. A simple coffee becomes an incredibly powerful advocate for peace, acceptance and unity. 

Chris loves the work that Reach do for similar reasons, that is, the simplicity of the philosophy:

Feed the hungry, clothe the poor – Both which are done with grace, humour and love. Chris considers it a great honour to be as part of this organization.

Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle

Who We Help

Every Friday evening around 7:30pm you will find the Reach team of volunteers setting up for the night. The team will be on site as long as they are needed (usually until around 9.30pm) and will welcome anyone who has the need to connect with us.

We do not discriminate and welcome all to join us on Friday nights. Typically our clients include:

  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Hungry
  • Suffering with addictions
  • Sheltering from domestic violence
  • Dealing with mental health issues
  • Lonely
  • Recently relocated and need assistance
  • Everyone is welcome

When our clients arrive on Friday evenings, these are some of the range of services on offer:

  • Hot BBQ sausages or burgers (sometimes pizza)
  • Tea, coffee, milo cold water
  • Emergency grocery hamper
  • Male/Female hygiene packs
  • Vouchers from Connecting the Hunter
  • Blankets and sleeping bags (when available)
  • Clothing
  • Community nursing check-ups
  • Regular haircuts
  • Referrals to other community providers
  • A friendly ear to listen to their stories
Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle
Joerg Lehmann - Homeless Services - Reach Homeless Newcastle

Need More Help?

Reach Homeless Services are limited in the assistance we can provide however there are many other organisations in the Newcastle and Hunter Region who can assist with other services, they are:


Youth Homeless Services for transitional accommodation for 16 – 24 year olds Phone: 1300656336

Matthew Talbot Homeless Service

for men and men with children Phone: 131812

Newcastle Eastern Suburbs Women and Family Homelessness

The service supports women and women with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, including women (with or without children) affected by domestic and family violence, or who have complex needs. Phone: 4929 6289

Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Men's Homelessness Support

This service supports men and men with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness who may have complex needs. Phone: 4961 1411

There are many more services that range from food provision to complete homeless assistance. We suggest the Hunter Homeless Connect Directory is a great tool. This directory can be accessed via: Hunter Homeless Connect